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Alnahdi Aviation

Alnahdi Aviation Technologies is a professional Airport Operating and Servicing company. Providing cost-effective services and maintenance solutions to Commercial Airlines, Private Operators, and Military stations throughout the region.

Alnahdi Aviation Technologies services include Passenger Boarding Bridges Operations, Airport Management/Operations, Airport Safety and Security, Navigation Systems, Airport Surveillance, Designing, Engineering, and Advanced Technology Solutions.

Alnahdi Aviation Technologies is a strategic partner for the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), serving Saudi Airlines, Saudi Aramco, and many other airlines in the region.

Alnahdi Aviation Technologies maintains a highly skilled team of Professionals, Engineers, Consultants, and Technicians to meet the growing demands of both the civil and military aviation industry.

Alnahdi Aviation Technologies is a fully owned subsidiary of Alnahdi United, which has been serving both the governmental and private sectors in Saudi Arabia for over 60 years, and more than 80 years of accumulative group experience combined.

Mission & Vision

Chairman Message

Majed Saleh Salem Alnahdi – Chairman

Over the past decades and generations of employees in Saudi Arabia’s aviation industry have been serving their country and working to improve the people’s wellbeing. The aviation industry in Saudi Arabia is considered to be the backbone of many vital sectors in the country.

Therefore, we believe, that the aviation industry has to keep a pace with growing Saudi Arabian economy and population.

We are looking forward to become one of the best in Saudi Arabian aviation industry through exceeding the customer’s expectation, taking into account our commitment to the standards and legislation of General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), fulfilling the systems, standards, and commitment towards society and the environment.

Our main objective is to ensure the steady growth of the aviation industry while maintaining the highest standards of safety, security, and service quality.

Maied Saleh Alnahdi

Our Goal

  • Alnahdi Aviation Technologies to become Saudi Arabia’s leading provider of aviation services and equipment.

  • Alnahdi Aviation Technologies is to be an added value to the aviation industry in Saudi Arabia.

Our Mother Co.

Excellence is the core value of AInahdi United for 60 years. From the family of AInahdi companies, AInahdi Aviation is the driving force in aviation sector of the Kingdom and region.

Recommendations & Awards

As a result of our success path with our partners and customers, we have been awarded a lot of certificates, recommendation and thank you letters, some of which are included in this profile:

A recommendation letter from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA):

  • General Manager of King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

  • General Manager of King Abdul-Aziz International Airport in Jeddah.

  • General Manager of King Fahad International Airport in Dammam.

Recommendation letters from:

  • AlMasria Universal Airlines

  • Air Arabia

  • Nesma Airlines

  • Nile Airlines