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Aircraft Cleaning Services

We have envisioned this service to solve a major problem faced by local aircraft operators and owners by the limitation of aircraft washing and detailing services. With the growing fleets of local airline operators and private owners, Saudi Arabia requires hands-on, advanced washing and detailing services to maintain the growth of the local aviation market. Following the international safety and security procedures, we intend to offer the highest quality of aircraft appearance services by strictly adhering to manufacturers’ manuals and the IATA & EASA requirements. Equipped with the best-in-class aircraft cleaning tools, and washing trucks, we adhere to using a niche of green products and materials that are compliant and approved by the FAA. We bring a one-stop solution for all your aircraft appearance needs.

Customer Category

Royal Fleet

Commercial Aviation

Military Aviation

Private Aviation

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Medical Evacuation (Medivac) Aviation

Agriculture Aviation


Types of Aircraft Cleaning Services

  • Exterior Cleaning Services
  • Wet Wash

  • Dry Wash & Wax

  • Exterior Nano Coating Application

  • Landing Gear & APU Detailing

  • Engine Wash

  • Interior Detailing Services
  • Full Interior Detailing

  • Leather Detailing & Conditioning

  • Wood Work Polishing

  • Quick-turn Cleaning Service

  • Carpet Extraction Cleaning

  • Interior Nano Coating Protection

  • Disinfection
  • Cold & Electro static fogging

  • Brightwork
  • Exterior Polish & Paint Restoration

  • Metal Polish

  • Boot Restoration

Aircraft Cleaning Products

We supply high quality FAA & EASA approved products for aircraft cleaning and detailing. In line with the AMM quality assurance, that are Fire redundant.

Products we supply are 100% Green and have no harm on the environment.

We service all types of Commercial Aircrafts, Rotatory, Military Aircraft and Jets.

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