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PBB’s (Passenger Boarding Bridge)

As Passenger boarding bridge operators, we take every step necessary to ensure the quality of service, the safety of your passengers, and the longevity of the bridge. We ensure continued operation by going the extra mile to conduct regular maintenance for the bridge’s components and hydraulic systems. Our engineers are certified and trained to perform maintenance and repair services for all types of passengers boarding bridges.

Our services also include the refurbishment of bridges that have been in use for decades. We upgrade their systems and components to ensure they operate at optimum safety standards with advanced technologies and procedures.

  • Design
  • Supply

  • Installation

  • Operation

  • Maintenance

  • Refurbishment

Airports we operate in

  • Yanbu
  • Tabuk
  • Najran

Our Manufacturing Partner

ADELTE Group is an innovative engineering organization with more than six decades of knowledge and experience in the designing and manufacturing products and technologies that support our customers in their daily operations. Building durable and reliable Passenger Boarding Bridger for a wide application. Providing customized manufacturing that allows its products to meet any type terminal challenges.

Headquartered in Barcelona, ADELTE also has subsidiary offices and industrial contracting services in Europe, America and Asia.

ADELTE Group’s strength lies within its capability to manage turn-key projects, to adapt to the specific requirements of our clients in the Airport and Seaport markets, to assure the highest quality, while delivering on-time and ensuring client satisfaction.

Airport Passenger Boarding Bridge Applications

Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge Applications

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