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About Us

We are a professional equipment and service provider based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with offices in strategic cities around the Kingdom. We provide cost-effective services and maintenance solutions to ground handling operators, commercial airline carriers, and military bases throughout the region.

Our journey began with passenger boarding bridge operations and we have expanded to airport safety and security, GSE maintenance, and passenger boarding solutions. Most importantly, we maintain a highly skilled team of professional engineers and consultants to meet the growing demands of both civil and military aviation.

We are strategic partners of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), serving Saudi Aramco, Saudi Airlines, and many other airlines in the region. Alnahdi Aviation Technologies is a fully owned subsidiary of Alnahdi United, which has been serving both the government and private sectors of Saudi Arabia for over 60years.

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Chairman’s Message

Majed Saleh Salem Alnahdi

Founded in 2008, Alnahdi Aviation is a leading aviation company serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over a decade. The aviation industry in Saudi Arabia is considered the backbone of many vital sectors in the country.

That is why we at Alnahdi Aviation believe that aviation contractors and technology providers must keep up with the pace of the growing economy and population. With travelling becoming more accessible than ever before, contractors like ourselves shoulder a great responsibility in assuring the flow of passengers in and out of the Kingdom.

Alnahdi Aviation strives to become the best technology and maintenance provider by exceeding our customers’ expectations and staying committed to the high standards and legislation of the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) to fulfill our duty toward society and the economy.

Our main objective is to support the growth of the aviation industry, while maintaining the highest standards of safety, security, and service quality.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Alnahdi Aviation Technologies believes in providing edge of Technologies

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Saudi Arabia’ stop provider of aviation and airport services and GSE, with a strong presence in both the civil and military sectors of the industry, while being a gateway for GSE manufacturers from across the world into the Saudi Arabian market as the ideal aftersales support providers.

Our Mission

Alnahdi Aviation Technologies will provide best in class services to its customers

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver best class services to our clients and maintain trust with suppliers, employees, and shareholders, by acting with integrity in everything we do and maintaining the highest standards of conduct, transparency, and accountability in our organization. We strive for excellence, both internally in our operations and externally through the services we provide.