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Runway Solutions

As a diverse Aviation Service provider, AlNahdi Aviation has developed comprehensive runway services dedicated to elevating safety and efficiency in airport operations. With state-of-the-art runway rubber removal, runway paint removal, and runway painting, AlNahdi Aviation employs advanced technologies and a highly skilled workforce to deliver exceptional results. AlNahdi Aviation also offers precise and reliable friction testing solutions to enhance runway safety.

Runway De-Rubbering:

AlNahdi Aviation harnesses cutting-edge runway rubber removal techniques that optimize the de-rubbering process while minimizing runway closure duration. Rubber deposits on runways significantly impact aircraft braking performance and compromise overall runway safety. Leveraging advanced equipment and methodologies, our expert technicians effectively eliminate rubber buildup, ensuring optimal friction levels for aircraft landing and takeoff. Through our efficient de-rubbering services, airports can maintain safer runways without significant disruptions to their operations.

Experience high-pressure water technology for efficient cleaning and marking removal. Our ultra-high-pressure rubber removal machines achieve outstanding results by removing rubber abrasion, markings, and dirt without the need for chemicals. The cleaned floor is almost instantly dry, allowing for immediate use, minimizing closures, and waiting times. With wide working widths and a uniform cleaning pattern, our machines ensure streak-free surfaces. Rejuvinating your runway and keeping it safely operational and sustainability.

Key benefits:

1. Improved Aircraft Braking Efficiency: Runway rubber removal can restore optimal friction levels, significantly enhancing the braking performance of aircraft during landing and takeoff.

2. Enhanced Runway Safety: According to studies conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), rubber deposits can increase the stopping distance of aircraft by up to 30%. By regularly removing rubber, airports can mitigate the risks associated with reduced friction, ensuring safer operations.

3. Reduced Foreign Object Debris (FOD): Rubber particles that accumulate on runways can break loose and become foreign object debris. This debris can pose hazards to aircraft engines, landing gear, and other critical components. Through thorough rubber removal, airports can minimize the presence of FOD and reduce the associated risks.

4. Extended Runway Lifespan: The presence of rubber deposits on runways can accelerate pavement deterioration. The rubber particles can bind with asphalt, causing surface degradation and reducing the lifespan of the runway. Regular rubber removal can mitigate this effect, extending the longevity of the runway infrastructure and reducing maintenance costs over time.

Runway Paint Removal and Runway Painting

The visibility of runway markings is crucial for safe and efficient aircraft navigation. AlNahdi Aviation provides professional runway paint removal and runway painting services, employing industry-leading techniques and high-quality materials. Our experienced team adheres to stringent guidelines to ensure precise and durable runway markings, enabling pilots to easily identify taxiways, thresholds, and other critical points. Whether it involves refreshing existing markings or applying new ones, our runway painting services contribute to improved runway safety and enhanced operational efficiency.

Runway Friction Testing Products

As the exclusive agent for Findlay’s runway friction testing products in KSA, AlNahdi Aviation offers airports innovative solutions to assess and monitor runway friction levels. Findlay’s products are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, delivering valuable insights into runway conditions. By precisely measuring friction coefficients, airports can proactively identify areas of concern, prioritize maintenance efforts, and ensure optimal grip for aircraft tires. AlNahdi Aviation takes pride in partnering with Findlay, empowering Saudi Arabian airports to uphold the highest standards of runway safety.

Findlay Irvine have been innovating devices for measuring Skid Resistance for over 30 years and supplying equipment worldwide for use on roads, runways, helidecks and any surfaces where a loss of friction can cause a danger.

Findlay Irvine supplies equipment worldwide for use on roads, runways, helidecks and any surfaces where a loss of friction can cause a danger. Our range of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) including GripTester MK2, micro GripTester and Helideck micro GripTester can help ensure that you meet national and international standards for surface friction, while potentially saving lives.

Accredited by ICAO for use on airports, well over 500 GripTesters are in everyday use throughout the world and are recognised as the most versatile and deployable continuous measurement friction equipment available.

AlNahdi Aviation stands as a trusted ally for airports seeking advanced runway services. Our utilization of state-of-the-art runway de-rubbering techniques, meticulous runway paint removal and painting processes, and dependable runway friction testing products propel the safety and efficiency of airport operations. By minimizing runway closure timeframes, guaranteeing clear runway markings, and providing accurate friction measurements, we empower airports to maintain world-class infrastructure and enhance the overall flying experience. With AlNahdi Aviation, airports can rely on our technical expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence in runway services.

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